Hose Church of EnglandPrimary SchoolKindness and Consideration • Equality and Fairness • Determination • Honesty • Forgiveness • Doing your Best


Welcome to

Hose Church of England

Primary School

Kindness and Consideration • Equality and Fairness • Determination • Honesty • Forgiveness • Doing your Best

School Values

" Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord"

Colossians 3.22

Hose Church of England Vision Statement

Preparing children for the a continually changing future through a stimulating curriculum that makes a difference to their world; exceptional social and personal development; excellent health and well-being.

Our School Motto


"Respect, Bravery, Success, Pride"

The four words in our school motto form the basis of everything we do. Our children develop a sound understanding of what they mean…

We demonstrate Respect and Pride with the care with which we plan exciting and engaging learning experiences for the children and the respect with which we involve them as partners in developing the curriculum for now and for the future.


We demonstrate Respect and Success in a reflective way that all staff and pupils are involved in developing the curriculum, and the way we forgive ourselves and others for mistakes which we use as learning points for further improvement.


We demonstrate Bravery and Success in the creation and implementation of a curriculum which challenges, inspires and encourages success for every child through challenging them to be active partners in their learning. It develops learning behaviours which encourages them to learn from mistakes and feedback, and to grow to become more thoughtful, mature, educated, wiser and educated citizens.

Our School Values

We believe in…


  • Developing outstanding personal development and attitudes to learning in preparation for future challenges in a changing world.
  • Promoting physical and mental health in a happy caring environment that is supportive, encouraging and challenging.
  • Making a difference to the world we live in through creating creative and exciting solutions to local and global issues.
  • Developing social skills and an appreciation of each person’s unique strengths, respecting an accepting different cultures, races, genders and religions.
  • Adopting a profound sense of care, respect and nurture for the world and the environment we live in and the people around us.
  • Creating a broad range of inspiring experiences that allows children to develop skills and find their place in the world.
  • Working in partnership with our school community and beyond to build brighter futures.
  • High expectations alongside a culture of self-awareness, reflection and self-improvement.