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At Hose C of E Primary School  the teaching of Religious Education will enable our pupils to:
“explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that pupils can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living.” 
Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus 2021

At Hose C of E Primary School:

  • RE has an important part to play as part of a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all our pupils are entitled
  • High quality learning experiences in RE are designed and provided by careful planning through the locally agreed syllabus taking into account the need to offer breadth of content
  • In order to make religious education a lively, active subject we employ a variety of teaching methods including art, music, discussion, drama, the use of artefacts, pictures, stories, and the use of periods of stillness and reflection
  • Where possible we want our pupils to have opportunities to encounter local faith communities through visits to local places of worship or visits from members of local faith communities


Religious Education is unique in our school curriculum in that it is neither a core subject nor a foundation subject but the 1988 Education Act states that ‘Religious Education has equal standing in relation to core subjects of the National Curriculum in that it is compulsory for all registered pupils.’
Hose is a Church of England Primary School and therefore we deliver RE in line with the Leicestershire Locally Agreed Syllabus 2021.  As a Church of England Primary School, we reflect the fact that Religious Education is central to the Church of England’s understanding of education and mission.  ‘The National Society Statement of Entitlement’ outlines the following aims for RE in a Church of England School.
•To know about and understand Christianity as a diverse global living faith through the exploration of core beliefs using an approach that critically engages biblical text
•To gain knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews appreciating diversity, continuity and change within the religions and worldviews being studied
•To engage with challenging questions of meaning and purpose raised by human existence and experience
•To recognise the concept of religion and its continuing influence on Britain’s cultural heritage and in the lives of individuals and societies in different times, cultures and places.
•To explore their own religious, spiritual and philosophical ways of living, believing and thinking


Religious Education Policy and Progression Documents

The links below allow you to access our school policies, curriculum outlines and our progression document for R.E. all of which support the planning and development of teaching and learning in R.E. across the school.

Hose RE Curriculum Map