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Class 3 - Wolves

Dear Families


I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and I trust you are all keeping well. 


Last night Boris Johnson announced that schools may open for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from June 1st 2020.  I strongly suspect that his announcement may have raised many more questions than answers for you. 


We all want to get back to the new normal as soon as possible and as part of that we want children back in school.  We do not want to see classrooms empty for a day longer than they need to be. However, as I am sure you will all agree, the first priority has to be the safety of everyone in the school community.  Any plan to increase the number of pupils in schools has to be practicable and manageable and I am waiting to receive more information from government about what this means for us.


In the short-term, nothing has changed but, I promise you that I will provide further information in the coming days and weeks once I am able to do so.


Once again I want to thank you for your support and I promise to keep you as up to date with changes as soon as I possibly can.


Many thanks


Liz Measom

A message for everyone.

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During lockdown...

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Week 8 - w/c 1st June

Week 7 - w/c 18th May

Week 6 - w/c 11th May

Lockdown Diary - Pupil Work - See what your friends have been up to!

Week 5 - w/c 4th May

You need to click on SUBJECT

CHOOSE YEAR 6 (even if you're a Year 5) Please have a look at the Foundation work. See what you can do.

Continue to use the bitesize daily lessons.



Week 3 - w/c 20th April

Partly Cloudy


Follow this link:


Watch the film (it's great) and then scroll down for ideas.

My favourite is to write a letter of resignation from Peck.

Any problems, or if you're stuck for ideas, get in touch.


Loads of resources and lessons here:

Follow the link to a whole host of lessons across many subjects:

Easter Holidays

Here's a few things you can have a look at:

1) White Rose Easter Maths:

2) RE Easter Resources:

The Arts and Virtual Tours

Week 2 - w/c 30th March

Alma - Creative Writing


Bit different this week. If you follow the link qbove you'll end up at the Literacy Shed where you can watch the animation. 

Then either scroll down or click this link to read some examples of writing:


Read the examples then produce your own piece of creative writing. It can be based on one of the examples or it could be of your choosing. It can be anything from a diary entry to a spooky story. You choose. If you're stuck or need a bit of help, get your parents to email me and I'll get right back to you!

Here's the link to this week's Maths:


*Please note* Year 6 Lesson 3 'Measure with a Protractor' - For a few questions you do need a protractor. If you haven't got one, estimate the angle and then check the answers to see how close you got.

For other subjects you can scroll down this page or visit this page:


Here are some other links:

Twinkl daily schedules:


Twinkl Home Learning Hub:


Home learning letter

Here's a selection of additional resources you may want to use.
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Khan Academy Schedule with resources.

Just remember:

EYFS = Pre Kindergarten

Year 1 = Kindergarten

Year 2 = 1st Grade

Year 3 = 2nd Grade 

Year 4 = 3rd Grade 

Year 5 = 4th Grade 

Year 6 = 5th Grade 

Twinkl Multi-Subject Links.

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Physical Activities

Active Learning Links



Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

Come on in, see our work, look at our photos and discover what it means to be a member of Class 3.

We're always up to something in Class 3, so keep checking back for all the latest news.


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Reading competition bingo information

A nice letter from Aldi.

A nice letter from Aldi. 1

First Aid Training

First Aid Training  1
First Aid Training  2
First Aid Training  3
First Aid Training  4

World War Two Homework

World War Two Homework  1
World War Two Homework  2
World War Two Homework  3
World War Two Homework  4
World War Two Homework  5
World War Two Homework  6
World War Two Homework  7
World War Two Homework  8
World War Two Homework  9
World War Two Homework  10

Friday means music!

Friday means music! 1

Basketball Tournament

Basketball Tournament  1
Basketball Tournament  2
Basketball Tournament  3
Basketball Tournament  4

Year 6 visit Warning Zone.

Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 1
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 2
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 3
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 4
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 5
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 6
Year 6 visit Warning Zone. 7


Diwali 1
Diwali 2
Diwali 3
Diwali 4
Diwali 5
Diwali 6
Diwali 7
Diwali 8
Diwali 9
Diwali 10
Diwali 11
Diwali 12
Diwali 13
Diwali 14
Diwali 15


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Football Tournament

Class 3 Girls teach PE

Harvest Art

REAL PE fielding session

Summer Production Rehearsals

Blue Skies

Sam from Inspire +

Mathletics and Spellodrome have launched!

Easter Homework

Easter Homework 1

Talented artist!

Talented artist! 1

Amazing Art!

Dance Club.

Comic Club

Awesome writing!

Tag Rugby Tournament

Tag Rugby Tournament 1

Hard at work! 


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Basketball Champs!

We competed in the Vale Basketball Championship at Belvoir High School. We won all of our games including the final 13 - 2.

Everyone played amazingly well. Look out for the Basketball trophy in our corridor.

Here's what we're doing this half term.

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