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Class 2 - Pandas

Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021: What will happen in school after the summer break.

During lockdown...

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Week 13 - w/c 6th July

Week 6 - w/c 11th May

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Just remember:

EYFS = Pre Kindergarten

Year 1 = Kindergarten

Year 2 = 1st Grade

Year 3 = 2nd Grade 

Year 4 = 3rd Grade 

Year 5 = 4th Grade 

Year 6 = 5th Grade 


Physical Activities

Active Learning Links


Spring Term 2 


This term in Class 2 we are going to be learning about  ............

Spring Term 1

This term in Class 2 we are going to be learning about ..................



What an amazing morning! Today an actual rocket was seen at Hose Primary School.

Steve from Starchasers, brought a real life rocket which his company has developed and made.    

Steve explained how his passion for rockets as a child, inspired him to develop and build his own rockets which have been launched on Morecombe Bay in Lancashire.  He shared with us the history of rocket sucess and even some failures before helping us make and launch our own rockets. All the children were amazing and we had a fun filled morning with our rockets.


First Aid

Today we were incredibly lucky to have the chance to learn something which would help us save the lives of others. During the day we learnt how to help someone if they collapse, how to use a defibrilator, how to help people when they are choking and how to bandage injuries. It was action packed and very important but it was lots of fun!



This Year at Halloween our school was taken over by some strange characters. See if you can recognise some of these characters.

We also had a pumpkin competition and I think that Class 2 definitely had the most creative pumpkins in the school.


Diwali Week


Throughout this week we have been looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali.

We have been looking at the origins of the festival with the Story of Rama and Sita.

We made traditional Diya lamps from clay, beautiful Rangoli art work using repeating patterns and made and tried a range of delicious foods which are made to celebrate this festival.  

Finally we had a celebration to share our work with our families including sharing the delicious food.





Autumn Term 2

This term in Class 2 we are going to be learning about ...........................

Egyptian Topic


This term we have been studying Ancient Egypt, and have delved into how the Egyptians lived, their cultures, beliefs and even some of their gruesome practices.

We even has a go at mummifying but the only volunteers we could find as some innocent tomatoes. Come and see some of the fun things we learnt this term.


Making Canopic Jars

Making Papyrus and writing in Hieroglyphics


In Class 2 we discovered that in Ancient Egypt they made Papyrus which was their version of paper and used symbols called Hieroglyphics to represent different words as their form of writing. Only scribes could write and it took an amazing 7 years to learn. 

We has a go at making our own papyrus scrolls by layering brown paper just like the Egyptains did with the Papyrus leaves and then wrote our own messages using hieroglyphics. 


Egyptian Food


During the term we looked at the different foods which the egyptians ate and had a go at making our own Egyptain bread. It was delicious and some of us have even made it again at home with our families. 



Mummifying Tomatoes!


In ancient Egypt they mummified their Pharaohs to prepare them for the afterlife. During the process they had their organs removed and placed in canopic jars before washing their bodies using water from the River Nile. Once clean they were dried using Natron before wrapping their bodies and placing them into a sarcophagus.  

Unfortunatley we couldn't find any pharaohs in Hose and so we had a great time mummifying tomatoes in the classroom.

Welcome Back to Panda Class 2019-2020


We want to welcome you back to Panda Class and meet our new class members.

Please look at our photographs and share with us the fun we have been having this year.

Autumn Term 1

This is what we will be learning about this term ............

Welcome to Panda Class  


Welcome to Panda Class at Hose school. This is our class mascot Yum Yum. Yum Yum not only shares our learning in the classroom but will be experiencing all the different activities we  do outside of school. 


Please read on and share with us, some of the fun things that we have done this year.  



Reading competition bingo information

Here we all are working hard as usual!

Stone Age Antics

We have been travelling back in time to find out what life was like back in Britain during the Age Stone Age. We looked at many different artefacts to try and discover how people from this age lived. We imagined what it would be like to live in this time. We created cave paintings  under the tables using our fingers to draw the animals we might see and  made clay beakers which they used to store and serve food.                                                  

We discovered that the people had to hunt their food and had to make their own tools using flint to make sharp weapons. We created delicious menus from the food which they would have hunted or foraged.





Rock Detectives


This term we have donned our magnifying glasses to study the world around around us. We learnt that there are lots of different types of rocks and that by observing and understanding their properties through experimentation, we could discover their types and how they were formed .  Armed with our new knowledge of rocks and rock formation we went on a hunt around Hose to discover how different rocks were used in the surrounding buildings including the church. 



 We also learnt about the life of Mary Anning, her fossil discoveries and how they help us understand about the different animals which lived in the past. We all excitedly made our own fossils by recreating a mould from sea shells and play dough. It was great fun excavating our fossils.

Music Lessons


This year we are learning to play the cornet with our super teacher Mrs Moore.  We have been incredibly busy learning a range of notes which has enabled us to play a selection of different songs including  Hot Cross Buns, Glory E and our newest song  Timothy Tank Top. 


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Spring Term 1 Planning 'Castles' This is what we will be learning this term.

Spring Term 1 Homework Grid

Up Periscope!


This term we have been busy looking at light and shadows. We started by investigating different sources of light to help us understand why they are important and allow us to see in the dark. Through classroom investigations, we discovered that different surfaces and even different colours reflect light to varying effect which helped us design new reflective school bags for those dark winter days. During our investigations into the properties of light we  also discovered we could bend the light using mirrors to see around corners, very handy to spot approaching teachers!



Throughout this topic we learnt how our biggest source of light is the sun which provides us with light and warmth. However, the sun can be dangerous and we need to protect ourselves from its harmful UV rays. This can be done by using sun cream to protect our skin, wearing a hat to protect our heads and wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes. Here are some of our amazing sunglasses designs.



In Class 2, we have been transported back in time to Norman England and the reign of William the Conqueror. We discovered that William the conqueror invaded England in 1066, and built simple Motte and Bailey castles everywhere to stop other tribes and landowners from stealing his crown. Over the term we looked at how and why castles have developed from the simple wooden structures  to the complex stone castles we think of today. Using everything we had learnt we designed and made our own castles. 




Once we had carefully built our wonderful castles , we created adverts  highlighting their amazing features and the castles were then put up for sale. 

Vale Songs for Year 4

SPRING TERM 2 'VOLCANOES' - This is what we will be learning this term.