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Kindness and Consideration • Equality and Fairness • Determination • Honesty • Forgiveness • Doing your Best

Class 1 - Meerkats

Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021: What will happen in school after the summer break.

What Class 1 will be doing at the start of the 2020 - 2021 school year.

During lockdown...

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Week 9 - w/c 8th June

Week 8 - w/c 1st June

Week 5 - w/c 4th May

Week 1 - w/c 23rd March

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Khan Academy Schedule with resources.

Just remember:

EYFS = Pre Kindergarten

Year 1 = Kindergarten

Year 2 = 1st Grade

Year 3 = 2nd Grade 

Year 4 = 3rd Grade 

Year 5 = 4th Grade 

Year 6 = 5th Grade 


Physical Activities

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Everyone loves a baby! - 17.1.20


We had a very special 'Show and Tell' today...a baby brother! We had lots of questions about what babies do all day and how to look after them. He was very well behaved!



Computing - 15.1.20


This week Y1 have been investigating how to programme a Bee-bot. They were challenged with the task of making their Bee-bot robot follow a path. It started off quite easy with programming the Bee-bot to follow a straight path but it soon got trickier with zig zags, turns and boxes to follow. They did a great job showing lots of perseverance and teamwork as we worked on making the program better each time.




Y1 Science Knowledge Organiser

Spring Curriculum Overview

October 2019 - If you go down to the woods today...

Autumn Curriculum Overview

Orchard Visits - Autumn Term 2019

Homework Timetable

Welcome to Class 1 2019/2020

The Knights of Class 1! - March 2019

A Tour of a Motte and Bailey Castle - January 2019

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The Dance of the Dragon - January 2019


We have had lots of fun finding out about Chinese New Year. We have had a visit from a friendly dragon bringing good luck and wisdom. We watched a dragon dance and then had a go ourselves, we made the dragon wiggle and roar. 




The Chinese New Year of the Boar will be on 5th February 2019. The Chinese zodiac follows a twelve year cycle, each of the years being named after an animal. We have read the legend about how the animals were chosen, and have found out which animals we are. 


You can find your animal here:-

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

KS1 Homework Grid (Spring 1)

Christmas Show - December 2018


The Class 1 children worked really hard learning the songs and actions for their performances of A King is Born. They all did a great job and put on a fantastic show. Well done everybody!





Minibeast Hunting! - December 2018


We have been searching for minibeasts. Even though the weather was cold we managed to find lots of little creatures. 




We thought carefully about the habitats different insects liked best. We found lots of worms, slugs and snails in cold, damp, dark places under pots and in the vegetable garden. Woodlice and spiders were found in piles of dead leaves where it was cool and dark. We enjoyed carefully catching them and then looking closely at them using magnifying glasses.




We decided to make a habitat for a colony of woodlice. We worked in groups to create a habitat thinking about shelter, water and food. We kept them as classroom pets and investigated their favourite spots to hide. Later that week they were released back to the wild, having been given names and personalities by Class 1!